Karbakeli Eco Trek

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Karbakeli eco trek was opened hiking trail in Annapurna region on 18th May 2018.

The trekking route was launched by the Karbakeli Tourism Management Committee to promote the tourism in Kafaldanda.

Are you a traveler who wants to explore the unexplored? Do less-known places fascinate you? Then welcome the Nepal trekking tour to the Karbakeli Valley of Nepal.

Karbakeli eco trek is one of the lesser-known treks of the hiking trail in the Annapurna region, that commenced on 18th May 2018. 

This Nepal trekking tour route was launched by the Karbakeli Tourism Management Committee to promote tourism in Kafaldanda as an exciting and unique opportunity for the tourists to explore the great outdoors and experience the beauty of nature.

This eco trek has been developed as the best viewpoint of the Himalayas, an alternative to Mohare danda and Poon Hill. 

This Nepal trekking tour is best for the Annapurna mountain ranges, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and Tukuche Peak views along with ethnic Pun Magar culture.

The main attraction of this Nepal trekking tour spot is hiking to Karbakeli Than at Kafal Danda

Karbakeli Baba the chief deity in the temple

 Karbakeli Baba is the main chief God or deity of the Pun Magar community whose temple is situated at Kafaldanda an altitude of 2332m from sea level.

The temple is the sacred abode of the chief deity, with his statues along with his wives and sons being placed there. 

The hiking is not done only for religious importance but also because of the mesmerizing and iconic views of the landscape, from the Himalayas to the dense alpine forests. 

The Nepal tour to Karbakeli is rich in bio-diversity, with an abundance of flora and fauna, and ethnic community culture making this trek worth every penny.

Immerse in the beauty of Karbakeli Valley: Itinerary

Best place to visit in Nepal is a boost of adrenaline. You cannot think of anything else yet can’t make the most out of it. So here we are to help you plan your trip to Karbakeli.

The standard itinerary for the Karbakeli eco trek is one week i.e. 7 days. 

Day 1 – Depart from Kathmandu and drive to Tarikhet (1400m) 

  • Explore Tarikhet village and interact with the locals 
  • Trek to Kaphal (1800m) 
  • Explore Kaphal village 
  • Overnight camping in Kaphal 

Day 2 – Trek to Karbakeli (2400m) 

  • Explore the Karbakeli village 
  • Visit the Karbakeli Eco-Museum 
  • Overnight camping in Karbakeli 

Day 3 – Trek to Kalapani (3100m) 

  • Explore the Kalapani region and its unique flora and fauna 
  •  Overnight camping in Kalapani 

Day 4 – Trek to Khati (2400m)

  •  Explore the Khati village and interact with the locals 
  • Overnight camping in Khati 

Day 5 – Trek to Tarikhet (1400m) 

  •  Visit the local temples and monasteries 
  • Overnight camping in Tarikhet 

Day 6 – Drive back to Kathmandu

Best time to trek Karbakeli Eco-Trek

The beautiful rhododendron in the Karbakeli Valley, Nepal

The best time to trek Karbakeli is Autumn and Spring. 

During these months, the weather is good with clear skies to view the mountains and surrounding. 

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Autumn season is festival season in Nepal so you will have the opportunity to explore the ethnic culture and history during your trek. 

Moreover, you can explore the scenic trekking route, villages, valleys, and alpine jungles. 

Spring season offers a picturesque view with the blossoming of wildflowers like rhododendron that paints the landscape beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to hike Karbakeli Eco Trek?

Autumn and Spring seasons are the best time for trekking to Karbakeli.

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