Restricted Region

Restricted Region

Some areas in Nepal are protected as Restricted Areas where travelers need to get authorization to visit. The main reason for restriction is to protect the natural and fragile environment & culture of the area from the outer influence. Restricted region trekking requires at least two trekking members along with specified officer to get access inside the area. Restricted Area trekking trail usually lies at the border of Nepal and Tibet and were opened for trekking from 1,991.

The western restricted area trekking trail lies in rain shadow area behind Himalayan chain and remain dry and high similar to Tibetan plateau. People living in this area are poor and live in scatter hamlets rearing herds to high summer pasture. Trekking in restricted area of western region in Nepal unveils the stunning scenery and thrilling earthy color of all shades. Upper Mustang, Manaslu and Dolpo region region are the restricted area for trekking in western region Nepal.

The eastern region restricted area trekking pass through lush farmland and stunning forest range with variety floral and faunal species. Since it does not falls under rain shadow area, rain can fall at any time of the year. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is fully teahouse trek with great possibility of camping near North or south base camp. In the contrary, Dolpo region is fully camping trek that allows full camping remote Kharkas.

Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal is demanding and requires full physical fitness and stamina for success and the reward is way more incredible in comparison to normal trekking area of Nepal.

Restricted Region Packages

Manaslu Circuit Trek USD 1410
17 Days

Manaslu Circuit Trek

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Nar Phu valley trek USD 1000
12 Days

Nar Phu valley trek

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