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Private Day Tour in Nepal

If you are seeking not just for vacation halt but for an adventure, Private Day tour in Nepal is the ideal option for you. Be it adventurous Heli Tour to snowy mountains or vibrant cities rich with culture and history or an exotic and beat-off experience at semi-rural village, Nepal private day tour will lead you to the core heart of this magical land. Private Day tour in Nepal is the best extended adventure trip after your previous hiking, trekking or any sort of recreational trip in Nepal.

Nepal Private day tour takes you to the spectacular location with complete travelling satisfaction. Explore the magnificent Everest for air, venture yourself into the medieval and artistic city, Bhaktapur or simply enjoy the vibrancy of sweeping city, Kathmandu while enjoying the typical Nepali food at Nepalese restaurant. This exotic Private Day tour in Nepal exhibits the cultural, natural and spiritual wonders of Nepal perfect for every sort of travel seeker.

Tour Guide in Nepal organize private day tour with an extensive range of travel holidays and adventurous trip in Nepal. We firmly believe in making our personalized tour in Nepal to the high class and also believe in creating a great impression to our guest that lasts for years. Private Day Tour in Nepal is carefully designed package that helps make your trip stress free and special from the very moment you make booking to the time we say farewell at the conclusion of this pleasant trip.

If you are looking for ideal location for biking, observing traditional cultures and lifestyles, art and architecture, photography or wants magical view of mountain in a single day trip in Nepal, we will help you crafting the best itinerary to make it memorable one. You can therefore forget the stress and enjoy the most.

Private Tour in Nepal

Nepal, a landlocked gem at the heart of Asia offers extensive array of an ancient heritage, fascinating architecture and topography. Private tour in Nepal provides profusion to satisfy your travel bug by allowing you discover ancient history, spectacular monuments, forts, incredible geography and climatic zone varying from tropical to alpine region.

Home to eight out of fourteen highest peaks, Nepal boasts some of exotic destination for hiking, trekking and climbing expedition. Moreover, the geographic structure of Nepal serves it as the best place for adventurous sport like paragliding, bungee jumping, ultra flight, Zip flyer and more. With more than 17% of land covered by national park and wildlife reserve, tour in Nepal offers unique opportunity to explore plentiful rare and non-rare wild-life in their environment.

Private Tour in Nepal is more than just fun, it is also a great spiritual experience. Nepal tour awards travelers to get the deeper insight of culture, tradition and lifestyle of people in a comfort manner. Venture the vibrant city Kathmandu which is known as the repository of ancient heritage and monumental structures. Our multi-lingual guide joins you for cultural tour in Nepal, you will explore the valuable insight of Nepalese tradition and interacting with local community adds excitement to your vacation and rejuvenate your spiritual experience.

If you are planning to visit Nepal with families and friends or seeking for honeymoon destination, there are myriad of place filled with natural and cultural wonders. Pokhara is the best and most sought destination for honeymoon tour in Nepal.


Trekking in Nepal

Annapurna Region

Annapurna region in Nepal is popular trekking destination in the Himalayas. In the central-north Nepal, there lies 55 km long and compact array of mountains, which is collectively known as Annapurna massif. These massifs are protected by Annapurna Conservation Area (7,629km2), one of largest conservation area in Nepal and the territories that falls under this massif is popularly known as Annapurna region. Annapurna region is home to plentiful hiking, trekking and climbing destination and among them Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one most classical and busiest trekking route in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp is set amidst of Annapurna I (8,097m) sharing province Annapurna south (7,219), Hiuchuli (6,441m), Machhapuchre (Fishtail- 6,993m) and multiple other peaks.

Annapurna region trekking is dream come true destination for backpackers and also well-known for naturalist’s paradise. The upper sub-alpine environment protects some of rare faunal species like snow leopard and blue sheep. Other protected area features profusion of bird species like multi-colored Impeyan, Kokla and blood pheasant. The region shelters over 100 species of orchids and temperate rhododendron forest making it perfect trekking destination for nature lover and botanist.

Annapurna region trekking offers flawless mountain scenario, unrivalled alpine landscapes and ethnic village and monasteries that displays the unique mix of Nepali, Tibetan and Trans-Himalayan culture. Moreover, trekking in Annapurna region is the great way to get deeper insights of remote Himalaya of Nepal without having had arduous trekking. Annapurna region trekking trail goes along the lower valley usually weave through cultivated fields and shady broadleaf forest and goes to upper section making frequent uphill ascend and descend.

Annapurna region trekking unveils the arresting beauty of nature, snow-capped milky peaks, azure lakes and chaotic rives along with impressive gorges, holy sites of Hindu and Buddhist, hot springs and picturesque quaint villages inhabited by ethnic group. In short, trekking in Annapurna region is life-changing journey for all trekkers who seeks to experience the true aroma of remote Himalaya of Nepal.

Everest Region

Everest region trekking is an exotic journey to the world’s most spectacular mountain region that rewards trekkers with vibrant and non-stop view of earth’s highest and most panoramic peaks. The region is blessed with stunning array of landscapes, alpine meadows, lush forest and myriads of gigantic mountain ranges.

Everest region trekking also gives travelers a unique cross-cultural privilege. The unique settlements of Sherpa tribe at the foothill of Himalaya and regal Buddhist monasteries along with profusion of alpine floral and faunal species, the entire region has been declared as UNSCEO world heritage site for its cultural and natural wonders. The massif Mount Everest resides at the border of Nepal and autonomous of China and is home to the world’s most adventurous and exotic trekking, hiking and mountaineering destination.

Trekking in Everest region is dream for every enthusiastic trekkers around the world. Everest trekking is more than just adventure and fun, it also displays the extravagances of natural beauty, provides endurance test to the trekkers and offers the exploration of cultural and bio-diversity along with ancient heritage and legacies. Moreover, dominating view of mountain ranges like Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Nuptse and multiple 8,000+ peaks are what trekkers expect to see throughout the trail to Everest region.

Probably the best destination for trekking in Nepal and around the world, Everest region trekking is repository of amazing location filled with rugged mountain terrain, incredible landscapes and mountain ranges. Be it alpine mountain lakes, base camp of Everest, high pass trekking or exotic trekking peaks, Everest region provides series of location for all kinds of trekkers.

Langtang Region

Langtang Region, yet another popular trekking destination in Nepal lies just 60km north to Kathmandu valley. Trekking in Langtang region is well admired by trekkers and considered as best kept secret of Himalaya in Nepal. It is narrow valley nestled at foothill of Himalaya with soaring peaks at either side. Langtang region trekking is easily accessible without flight, a few hour drive and few days trekking takes you to the wild vicinity of the region. Dramatic contrast in elevation with diverse topography and geology makes this region a perfect place for natural, cultural and ecological encounter. Trekking in Langtang region unveils the unique culture and tradition of Tibetan community on the backdrop of gigantic mountain scenery.

Langtang valley is well protected by Langtang National Park (first Himalayan National Park in Nepal) that is spread over the area of 1,710 sq. km. Despite of its easy accessibility from Kathmandu, it is relatively less-crowded and remains beaten-off trail in Nepal because people usually choose to go for Everest and Annapurna region trekking. The trekking route of Langtang region goes through a diverse landscapes ranging from ever green forests, waterfalls and streams to high-altitude meadows and closer to the area of Gang Chhenpo (6,388m), Lenpo Gang (7,083m), Dorje Lakpa (6,9900m) and Lantang Lirung (7,246m), the highest among the peak.

Lantang region is truly blessed with lush culture where you get chance to experience the colorful culture and tradition of ethnic community of the region. Gosiankunda is alpine lake in the region that carries great religious significance for Hindus and Buddhists. Langtang valley trek, Tamang Heritage site trek, Gosiankunda trek and Helambu trek are some popular and most sought trekking destination in Langtang region.

Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal

Some areas in Nepal are protected as Restricted Areas where travelers need to get authorization to visit. The main reason for restriction is to protect the natural and fragile environment & culture of the area from the outer influence. Restricted area trekking requires at least two trekking members along with specified officer to get access inside the area. Restricted Area trekking trail usually lies at the border of Nepal and Tibet and were opened for trekking from 1,991.

The western restricted area trekking trail lies in rain shadow area behind Himalayan chain and remain dry and high similar to Tibetan plateau. People living in this area are poor and live in scatter hamlets rearing herds to high summer pasture. Trekking in restricted area of western region in Nepal unveils the stunning scenery and thrilling earthy color of all shades. Upper Mustang, Manaslu and Dolpo region region are the restricted area for trekking in western region Nepal.

The eastern region restricted area trekking pass through lush farmland and stunning forest range with variety floral and faunal species. Since it does not falls under rain shadow area, rain can fall at any time of the year. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is fully teahouse trek with great possibility of camping near North or south base camp. In the contrary, Dolpo region is fully camping trek that allows full camping remote Kharkas.

Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal is demanding and requires full physical fitness and stamina for success and the reward is way more incredible in comparison to normal trekking area of Nepal.

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