Nagarkot Bhaktapur Day Tour

Nagarkot is a best destination for sunrise view. We offer you to visit this place from where you can get glimpse of Himalayas in north part of Kathmandu valley. We offer you a great sightseeing tour in Nagarkot Bhaktapur Day Tour.

In early morning we will drive to Nagarkot to view the sunrise view from hill station. Then we will visit village there and you can involve in the activities of the villagers and see the lifestyle of people. This place is getaway from dirt and traffic. Nagarkot is a place with beautiful view and the sunrise which falls on milky Himalayas which change into golden rock.

After finishing sightseeing in Nagarkot we will drive towards Changu Narayan Temple. Changu Narayan temple which is located on a hilltop is also known as Changu or Dolagiri. We can see the Manahara river flows beside the hill. In this temple we worship lord Vishnu. It is said that this temple is oldest temple in the history of Nepal. This is an ancient city where you will see it’s a  village of totally Newari people.

After finishing the sightseeing in Changu Narayan temple we will drive to  Bhaktapur Durbar square which is also famous for the Pachpanna jyale durbar (55 windows palace). This palace has 55 windows with balcony. And also, we will see Nyatapola Temple which is very high from ground. We reach this temple by stairs. We will also see Bhupatindra Malla- Ancient king of the Kingdom of Bhaktapur’s statue, Lion’s Art Gallery, Lion’s Gate which  are famous things here. In Bhaktapur we will taste the juju dhau- a Curd which is famous desert in Bhaktapur. After we finish our Nagarkot Bhaktapur Day Tour, we will return to Kathmandu to our hotel.

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