Explore Nepal Tour

Explore Nepal Tour is basically an overview trip of the major destinations in Nepal. From World Heritage sites of Kathmandu valley to Lumbini, from the raw appeal of towering mountain peaks to jungle safaris in Chitwan National Park. This 8days/7nights package is specifically designed for you to explore and discover the quintessence of Nepal.    

What sets this tour apart from the other tours is that it focuses more on traditional and cultural experience. Owing to the large number of ethnic groups in Nepal, it is said that there are more festivals than there are days in a year.

Since the quintessence of any country are its people and traditions, we coincide this tour to fall under any of the major festivals throughout Nepal. Sightseeing, hiking and other activities are combined with an in-depth look at the festivals of the locale.    

If you arrive to the capital during the peak trekking season of October to November, then the festivals of Dashain and Tihar is a great insight into what religious beliefs and rituals of this majorly Hindu population. Dashain is the biggest festival of the Hindus and the Hindu population celebrate by uniting with their large families, paying reverence to elders and feasting till sunrise.

Asan Bazaar – Visit Local Market

The focal point of the capital, not just during the festivals, is the ancient Asan bazaar. This bazaar is a town in its own right and enjoys an autonomous supervision by the locals themselves without the interference from the larger government body. Asan bazaar is jam packed with people trying to get the best bargains. Another sight that unique to Kathmandu you won’t get any place in Nepal.    

Pokhara – Adventure and Pristine Nature

The Lakeside in Pokhara also comes alive during Christmas and New Year holidays. Once you finish your expedition to Annapurna Base Camp or even a short trek to Poon Hill, coming down to the southern lakeside offers you wild merry making and wild nights.Travelers from all around the word crowd the streets of Pokhara to enjoy food, parades and events. Budget accommodations and homestays are widely available so you don’t have to worry about staying in expensive touristy areas. This will also ensure that the local village economy is thriving.    

Chitwan National Park

Spice up your Chitwan tour as well as this specially designed package takes you deep into the National Park to the Tharu village. The Tharus are the dominant indigenous people of Chitwan and to date have preserved their traditions and culture. The tharu dance conjures up vision of a pre-modern times when Tharus lived a purer life close to nature. Holi-the festival of colors is also well celebrated here. People celebrate Holi by throwing colored powder and water at each other and is probably the world’s most famous Hindu festival, as this is a festival where everyone can participate.    

Take the local routes and experience a typical villager lifestyle staying in one of the homestays. Rafting is another great opportunity for you to enjoy the sights of the famed Asiatic gangetic dolphin in these parts. Crocodiles, Gharials, and river birds make up the larger population of the river system. This tour is becoming more and more popular these days because it lets get an insight into the people’s way of life, their traditions and culture. Combined with your sightseeing itinerary, mountain hiking and jungle safari, your journey experience is heightened to a level that very few can get the chance to explore.

Although short, this package is the quintessence of your Explore Nepal tour.  

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