Cultural Dinner in Kathmandu

Nepal Tour Guide organize wonderful 3 hrs Cultural Dinner in Kathmandu at Typical Nepali authentic restaurant with a typical Nepalese Food.

Typical Nepali restaurant offers with a typical Nepalese foods and Nepalese foods varieties. We have organized this wonderful 3 hrs cultural dinner program where you can enjoy the culinary delights as you dine in a Typical Nepalese restaurant as well as enjoy the Traditional dancing performances of different ethnic groups.

It’s an amazing opportunity to gain the true insights of different cultures and cuisine. If you are in the Kathmandu Valley, it is highly recommended to visit this distinctive program. It’s truly a refreshing dinner night that’ll be hard to forget. In 126 ethnic group in Nepal we find varieties of Nepalese cuisine specially this Typical cultural dinner in Kathmandu will highlight you with different traditional cuisine. We have 3 different regions where we can have different traditional food and where people cook some cuisine different festival. This cultural dinner highlights you its festival food.

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