Cultural Dinner in Kathmandu

Cultural Dinner in Kathmandu

Typical nepali restaurant offers with a typical Nepalese foods and Nepalese foods varieties. We have organized this wonderful 3 hrs cultural dinner program where you can enjoy the culinary delights as you dine in a Typical Nepalese restaurant as well as enjoy the Traditional dancing performances of different ethnic groups.

It’s an amazing opportunity to gain the true insights of different cultures and cuisine. If you are in the Kathmandu Valley, it is highly recommended to visit this distinctive program. It’s truly a refreshing dinner night that’ll be hard to forget. In 126 ethinic group in Nepal we find varieties of Nepalese cuisine specially this Typical cultural dinner will highlight you with different traditional cuisine. We have 3 different region where we can have different traditional food and where people cook some cuisine different festival. This cultural dinner highlights you festival food.

This Typical nepali restaurant is a kind of combination of cultural programs with cultural cuisine and culture tour around the Kathmandu city. You can visit the numerous World Heritage Sites in the valley during the tour trip.Typical nepali restaurant offers you to have delicious varieties of cuisine from different people who are belonging with different culture like Thakali food, Newari cuisine and more.


We will pick you up from your hotel then escort you to the typical Authentic Nepalese Resturant.


The program Starts where you'll enjoy the different types of cultural dances as well as the typical Nepalese meal.


We'll leave after the end of the program and the drive you back to your hotel. End of Service

Cost Includes:

    Transportation in a Private car.English Speaking guide.Typical Neplese meal.

Cost Excludes

    DrinksTips ( Not mandatory )Other things not in included in Cost includes.

    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Do I need previous hiking experience required to go on a trek?
    If you are physically fit and have extra Exercise enough enthusiasm for the trip previous experience is not required.

    Could I trek without a guide?
    You could, the area is very safe and in most cases navigation is relatively easy-however with a guide you will get more out of the experience. Having someone with you that knows the local customs and language helps you interact with people you meet in remote villages, and shows that you respect their culture.

    What will happen if I get sick on the trek?
    Either you will get better, or if it seems serious we will evacuate you with Helicopter and will be taken to Hospital in Kathmandu where you’ll get excellent attention. Our crew is well versed in medical and emergency care and carry a reasonably comprehensive first aid kit.

    What will happen if I get injured?
    If it is serious (this has never happened). You will again be taken care by our staff. If evacuation is required, this will be arranged by Visit Nepal tour. It’s advised that if you have any personal doubts you should have evacuation insurance arranged. Nepal Tour Guide Team can advise you on this.

    Will I get sick?
    Not likely. The worst is you may get some diarrhea or temporary stomach upset. Please look our staying healthy during holiday topic for details. Follow the health advice given in our briefings during welcome dinner and you’ll be fine.

    What is the food like on the trek?
    Fantastic! If you haven't already tried Dal Bhat you are in for a treat - there is nothing better to fill that trekking appetite. Dal Bhat is the signature Nepali dish - rice and lentil soup served with two types of curried vegetables and pickles. It is on the menu in every tea-house on the trek. A nice breakfast specialty you might also want to try is Tibetan Gurung bread with honey. The mountain tea houses will also serve up more familiar western dishes like pizza, or muesli for the morning

    Is there a problem with altitude sickness?
    For our tours/treks below 4000m, there is little likelihood of being subject to altitude sickness, unless you are taking one of our more extreme adventure tours. Kathmandu rests at an altitude of only 1350-m (4430ft) and at this altitude there is no likelihood of altitude related sickness.

    We’ll be advising you well in advance if altitude is an issue. Our tours/treks above 4000m do require acclimatization periods and any of our tours needing acclimatization has it built into the itinerary and that comes from 13 years of experience and the best medical advice... So don’t worry. If you want to know more about altitude sickness, please look the topic staying healthy.

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