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Reasons to Hire a Private Tour Guide in Nepal

Reasons to Hire a Private Tour Guide in Nepal!

Are you planning for your next vacation in Nepal and confused whether to hire a private tour guide in Nepal or not? There are many reasons why you should think of hiring a private tour guide in Nepal.

Many travelers envision that hiring a private tour guide lacks privacy and some don’t like being followed by a stranger who provides too much information on the facts that they don’t even care about. But the private guide not only makes your tour interesting but you will also be more engaged on the sites you ae visiting.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider to hire a private tour guide in Nepal:

Private Tour in Time Efficient

The best advantage to hire a private tour guide in Nepal is that it is time efficient.

A private tour guide can lend a laser focus to any sites and this may never be so valuable as when you have very little time in one place. Your private tour guide allocates the right time so that you can get the insight all the significant landmarks in limited time period. S/he can also offer a customized and thrilling blitz through the destination of your choice.

Get more out of destination

Private tour guides always aim to offer you the best and updated information on the destination you are travelling to.

S/he will offer you the budget tips, money-saving advice, recommendation on places to stay, things to do and right place to eat.

It doesn’t matter what type of vacation you are going on – family vacation, trekking trips or honeymoon trip, you will get more out of the destination when you hire a private tour guide in Nepal. With private tour guide, you will get more attention, more value and respect which in turn offers more out of destination.

Get Stories and Facts

It is true that you can collect the facts and stories about the place doing an online research aided by Wikipedia or other forum. However, you will find something still missing while surfing online, which are fulfilled by only a professional private tour guide.

A private tour guide access you the stories and facts about the sites; which are very interesting to learn. It’s the myth and legends that really make these destination alive and if you are visiting with your family, interesting stories will keep them engaged from longer time; than just a boring facts.

Getting the stories about the place in an interesting manner will really help your kids broad the horizon of their knowledge. And they will also be really keen to study and learn more.

Ask as many question as you want

Unlike other tour, a private guided tour offers a really big window to ask any question you want.

If you ask too many question on a typical guided tour, others in a group quickly gets annoyed. Also your guide cannot focus on you or dedicate his entire time answering all your questions. But with a private tour guide, you can ask all the question and s/he will be happy to answer you anytime.

Your private tour guide have a great knowledge of the sites whether it’s about geology or archeology and they work really hard to put an extra light on your understandings.

Tour Tailored to Your Preference

Unlike the pre-defined group tour, you don’t have to explore the place as planned before. What is the point of being on the vacation when you don’t have authority to enjoy the trip on your own pace and have to rush from one destination to another? It is nothing but just a boring vacation.

Sometimes you want to dedicate more time at one place and simply want to skip another (because it doesn’t engage you). It is only possible in private trip. With private tour guide, you can ask for the itinerary or travel plan that suits your preference, time and budget.

Become familiar with area

Explore Nepal with a friendly local tour guide who is passionate about the place and happy to share all the tips and hints that will help to make the most of your trip.

With private tour guide, who remains always with you, you will get easily acquainted with the place you are visiting to. S/he knows the place well and provides you the helpful knowledge so that you get quickly engaged and fall in love with the sight shortly.

A Private Tour Guide is more than Tour Guide

People will forget what they see, people will forget what they did but people will never forget what they feel.

The job of typical tour guide may be to spit out a fountain of facts and lead you from one point to another. But the task of private tour guide is much more. A private tour guide not only works for the tip or simply waits the tour to be over but hopes to impact the lives of his/her clients. What your private tour guide brings to your trip is energy, enthusiasm and passion.

A private tour guide is a protector, good teacher and a best friend!

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