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Tour in Nepal is probably the best option for recreational activities and adventure for your Holidays. Being rich in geographical diversities, Nepal offers a chance to explore very low lands of Terai to highest mountain in the world –Mt. Everest. Here lie many natural wonders that you must explore once in a lifetime. Tour in Nepal can be operated with the help of local tour agencies of Nepal or you yourself. But, Tour in Nepal with local tour guide is always helpful and it makes sure that you won’t miss any highlights of the region you are travelling.

Starting from the lush forests of Terai to rain shadow area of Manang, Mustang and highest Himalayan Ranges like Everest and Annapurna, all comes to the list of most loved tour destination in Nepal. Though they offer different kind of bio-geo diversity, all are equally important and offers alluring views. The dense forests of Nepal are habitat for many rare and endangered wild animals and birds. If you are lucky enough you will get a chance to encounter some of these animals during your visit to Nepal.

Nepal is the country with eastern culture and some ethnic groups of Nepal still possess the same way of living with same old traditions and cultures as they were in the centuries ago. It is interesting to observe them and learn about their rural lifestyles. The homes stay is best option to interact with local peoples if you are in a wilderness tour or trekking in the Himalayas.

Nepal offers many categories of tours ranging from Family tours to Honeymoon tour and Tour to the world’s highest mountains. The famous valleys like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara have always been the center of attraction among the international and domestic tourists. The rich cultural heritages and immense natural beauties are key points behind its huge popularity. Kathmandu has many beautiful Temples and Gumbas that are beautifully designed and were built in the centuries ago. Also, the famous Durbar Squares of Kathmandu valley may be the best destination for you.

You can explore the big lakes in Pokhara valley along with the spectacular views of giant mountain panorama of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre mountain ranges. The sunrise view from Sarangkot (Hill near Pokhara) is considered as the most tantalizing one. You can also join short hike near Pokhara or Kathmandu if you have bit longer holiday.

Here, below are some frequently asked questions that tourists often ask. Go through them if you also have the same questions. If you have more queries, feel free to ask us.

Is hiring a local tour guide in Nepal necessary?

Hiring a local tour guide is not mandatory during your visit in Nepal but we recommend you to travel with a guide so that you will get more information about the place you visit and it will be easy to interact with them because most of the local guides can speak your language too and all of them speaks English fluently.

Not only that, a guide will always be there in case of any emergency situation occurred. They will take a good care of you throughout the tour period so that you will feel safe while visiting. Additionally, during the peak travel season in Nepal, most of the good hotels and lodges get packed earlier. Here, guides will help you to book your hotels or lodges for good accommodation.

If you travel alone, you might miss the main highlights of the region, too. But traveling with a local guide will introduce you with every highlights and hidden treasure of the region you are traveling.

How can I hire local tour guide?

If you are planning a tour with local tour agencies or companies, you don’t need to worry about hiring a guide. They will hire a perfect, well trained and experienced guide for you. Their guide will be fluent in English Speaking and a government license holder.

But, if you plan a solo trek without taking help of any travel agency, but want to hire a local guide then we can help you. Contact us and fix your date, we will help to manage a perfect local guide for your tour.

Is tour guide necessary for solo trekking?

This totally depends on you. IF you have previous experience of trekking in Nepal or any other countries in higher altitude, you might complete the trek easily. But if you are a novice trekker and want to join a trek in high Himalayas of Nepal, we recommend hiring local guides. Or, you can trek with help of trekking agency. Otherwise, you will find the trek in Nepal very tough.

Are local guides well trained?

Definitely, all the local guides must be licensed by a government organization called National Academy for Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM). In order to get a license, one must receive practical and theoretical training sessions run by respective tourism and health experts. Trekking guides are well trained on issues like first aid, altitude sickness, rescue methods or any other emergency arises.

To become a local tour guide, minimum bachelors’ degree is mandatory and high school diploma for trekking guide. Trekking guide must also work as a porter for at least two years before they apply for a guiding license. Moreover, a trekking guide must update their training in every two years gap.

So, you shouldn’t get worried regarding the tour guides capability, all of them are well trained by NATHM. The main benefit of being with a guide is they will be there for your help whenever you needed.

We, Tour Guide in Nepal are a group of experienced team members in the field of trekking and tour. We have conducted many tours so far and all of them have completed successfully. We believe in satisfying our clients and making their holiday lifetime memorable. We will offer you local guides for any kind of trekking and tours in Nepal. So join us to make your travel experience awesome.

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