Everest Flight vs Everest Heli Tour in Nepal

Probably the best private day tour in Nepal

Want to soar high over the Himalayas and Everest? Everest Flight vs Everest Heli Tour in Nepal offer you  basically two way to do so. You can either choose a plane with a group or join a private helicopter tour in Nepal. The Everest heli flight tour or Everest plane tour is both suitable for those who are limited by time and for those people who don’t want the rigors of trekking due to fitness consideration or otherwise. Below is the best comparison to heli trip in Everest vs Everest flight trip based on several factors. Everest Flight vs Everest Heli Tour in Nepal provide you the brief experience of what it will be like flying Everest via helicopter and plane.

Flight Duration

Both trip modes are best known private day tour in Nepal. The Everest flight on plane takes one hour flight from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. It starts at around 6AM. We don’t land, we just fly over the Himalayans and come back.

Everest View Heli Tour is bit longer as it takes real close to the mountain and lands at base camp and Kalapatthar. The entire flight duration is 3.5 to 5 hours, with multiple stops and quick refueling at Lukla.

Photography and Mountain Views

Mount Everest Tour via Plane allows peering through the window of your plane. The movement of the plane makes it difficult to get the best camera shot. Short lenses with circular polarizer are recommended although you won’t be shooting any great photos. Good news is you will be allowed inside the cockpit behind the pilot seat for cockpit view and takes some snaps in the process.

If you are seeking for excellent photo shots and dramatic views, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour would be the great option. You don’t only get the chance to witness the majestic Himalayas but also land the chopper at Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar to take as many snaps you like. These all definitely are not possible if you travel Everest via Plane.

Value of Money

Whatever the pros and cons are, but at the end money always comes. If you are limited by budget but want to view Everest from close, we suggest Everest Base Camp Tour via Plane.

If you want real bird eye’s view of Everest and step foot on its base camp, we suggest Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Everest Heli Tour offers ultimate luxury of flying with limited number of people and provide sufficient time to enjoy the surrounding vistas, which Everest Plane tour misses.

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