Nepal offers various Adventure Activities like Bungee jumping , river rafting , hiking , trekking , Everest mountain flight, Paragliding and more. Nepal is famous for eight tallest mountains in the world where hundreds of people trek in these mountain. We can feel as it is paradise for climber’s . We also have beautiful scenery , wildlife jungle safari, tradition and culture with many different Hindu temples and ancient Buddhist monasteries and stupas to view the cultures of people.

We can start our from journey from capital city Kathmandu tourist area in Kathmandu and busiest market , Newari culture and ancient city of Kathmandu we can find different people who believe in different religion.We can also do paragliding in Pokhara which is more adventurous to feel like flying in the high sky like eagle and the fresh breeze we can gain.  In Pokhara we can also do boating in Phewa lake. In Himalaya mountain trekking you can find beautiful scenery wee you can also visit the nearest place of Tibetan and  trading way of Tibetan and other activities of their many more Buddhist monasteries we can visit in Himalaya the gate way of Annapurna.

You can do adventure activities like jungle safari in National park and deep jungle drive.

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